Be sincere, but be non-serious

“Take hold of your own life. See that the whole existence is celebrating. These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious. The rivers and the oceans are wild, and everywhere there is fun, everywhere there is joy and delight. Watch existence, listen to the existence and become part of it. Then you become a Baul, then you become a lover — because love can exist only with a deep respect for fun, with a deep respect for delight. Love cannot exist with a serious mind. With a serious mind, logic is in tune. be non-serious. I’m not saying not to be sincere. Be sincere, but be non-serious. Sincerity is something else; seriousness is totally different. Be sincere with existence, then you will be true; you will become part of this cosmic LEELA, this cosmic play.” ~ OSHO

Flower of the day…

“Only when we love everything and everyone can we truly become free. Some people are easy to love; others are not so easy. It is easy to love your new lover. It is difficult to love the ex-lover who betrayed you. It is difficult to love the father that mistreated you or that unpleasant person that keeps on bothering you. But this is the invitation: to love everyone, even the one that hates you and wants to hurt you. This is the only way for you to be free.”

Sri Prem Baba ~ 4/29/18

Sacred Intimacy

Pray with your woman, sing with your woman, play with your woman, dance with your woman, with no idea of sex. Don’t go on thinking, ‘When are we going to bed?’ Forget about it. Do something else and get lost into it. And some day love will arise out of that being lost, suddenly you will see that you are making love and you are not making it. It is happening, you are possessed by it.

Then you have your first Tantra experience – possessed by something bigger than you. You were dancing or you were singing together or you were chanting together or you were praying together or meditating together, and suddenly you find you both have moved into a new space. And you don’t know when you have started making love; you don’t remember either. Then you are being possessed by Tantra energy. And then for the first time you will see a non-technical experience.

~ Osho by Sacred Intimacy

ℒƠѵℯ ♡♡♡

“Zorba is the foundation and Buddha is the place”

“Zorba is the foundation and Buddha is the palace. Buddha is the peak, but the foundation stones are laid by Zorba. It will be foolish to choose to be a Buddha without having the foundation stones.

“I am absolutely mathematical about it: Zorba should be there and the stronger a Zorba is there, the better a Buddha is possible. So I can become Buddha any moment, Zorba is absolutely needed as the basic energy out of which the Buddha is going to be carved. Zorba is the marble rock out of which the Buddha statue has to be carved. I choose the rock…and Buddha is easy. “It is just a question of opening your eyes. I don’t bother about Buddha; I am worried about people who are not Zorbas. How will they become Buddhas? They don’t have the basic material out of which a Buddha is made.”

Osho, The last Testament, Vol 2, Talk #19

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