It is said that we must become like little children if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What this means is, children fight then forgive easily and quickly. Minutes later, all is forgotten. We hold on for years. Sometimes forever. ~ The Daily Guru

Imagine yourself traveling homeward down a dark road, but carrying a bright lamp that reveals the way. Out of the shadows glide people who offer you love and money in exchange for your lamp. You refuse. You want to go home! Pay no attention to anyone who declares that he has exciting bargains for you. He is a charlatan. When reaching home you will see that nothing on earth was of more value to you than your light. ~ Vernon Howard

Source: The Daily Guru

You are the author of your own life story and God is the publisher who makes it all possible.~ The Daily Guru/Raquel Szann


~ And since All are Love and Love is God, we are One with God. We pretty much run the show….. ~ GC Himani