Many confuse selfishness with love.


“Many confuse selfishness with love. It’s one thing to be with someone because it is good to be together, because there is a synergistic affinity, and a positive energy grows for both in this union. It’s another thing to be with someone because you believe you will find happiness through this person, because you think you will get something from him or her in return. In this case, you don’t want someone to love. You want someone to attend to your needs and expectations. This is what is known as selfishness.”

Sri Prem Baba ~ 9/09/16 (photo by Yolanda Pelayo from Awaken Love Maui 2016)

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Question: Could it be that you are my guru?

“There is a well-known saying in India that when a disciple is ready, his or her guru appears. Don’t worry, when the time is right, you will feel the call. You will feel the grace of the master flowing abundantly in your direction. It will awaken your trust, which will allow you to get in touch with the places within you that are so challenging. Trust makes the integration of the ego possible. Surrender is not a phenomenon that occurs on an intellectual level. It happens within your heart. If you do not feel this grace flowing abundantly in your direction, it is because your guru has not yet been revealed to you. Don’t try to rush the river; it flows at its own pace. Remain calm. Everything happens when the time is right.
I am not demanding anything from you. You come here, sit and receive the transmission… If I am not your guru, I am your friend. One thing you don’t need to have any doubt about is that I want what is best for you. I am rooting for you. I wake up in the morning to see you shine. This is the purpose of my life.”

Sri Prem Baba

Flower of the Day – 06/30/12

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“We are poisoning the planet and exploiting its natural resources, just like we do to our bodies”. ~ Sri Prem Baba

Flower of the Day: 06/19/12

“Suffering in the planet is at its peak, but this is making many people open their eyes. We are poisoning the planet and exploiting its natural resources, just like we do to our bodies. You throw garbage in the Ganges River, just like you put garbage in your own body. What’s the difference? There is only one body. It is all part of the mother; the body is the mother; the river is the mother; the planet is the mother. Do you want to kill her? You are full of hatred towards her. This hatred towards the feminine needs to be understood. There is no separation. Make a campaign to save a river, but if it doesn’t really come from within, it won’t have any impact.”

Sri Prem Baba

No Master ever came to earth to show people how great He was. All of them came to earth to show people their own Potential. All masters had one time or Another were imperfect human beings who through their own Effort washed clean in their Realization of their own Divinity. For how else can they truly be a perfect Example for us all if they did not know the Struggles that all human beings go through. ~ Unknown

A Comfort for the Soul by Sri Prem Baba

Beloved Sangha,
Joyful greetings!

I am writing with the intention of bringing comfort to your soul, and of transmitting blessings that will brighten your heart. Comfort comes when you remember your purpose in life and understand why things are happening the way they are right now, and with such intensity.

I remember that when I spoke about the great planetary transition (especially in 2003 and again in 2008, when I announced the times that were coming) and called on the warriors of the light to join us in one of the greatest battles ever to be waged on this planet, few people were actually able to understand my message. Many people today believe that the battle will take place in the external world, in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, oceans invading land, global warming and its consequences. People focus exclusively on the environmental crisis, the crisis of the economic system, the crisis in the food and water supply system, and other external afflictions. Even those rare human beings who do comprehend that the war will take place internally, actually cannot fully imagine the level of intensity it will reach. Even I had not grasped this.

Today we know that, in addition to what will be reflected in the outside world through the above-mentioned phenomena and others like them, the epicenter of the great battle will be within each one of us. A true revolution of consciousness is taking place, as aspects of the personality gradually evolve towards trust and love.

Unfortunately, I have seen many of my beloved fellow warriors of the light fall, with their armor torn to pieces. Some have been wounded and taken over by negative forces. Some have been seized by fear, skepticism, pride, hate, stubbornness, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, jealousy, and lies… To flee the battle, some are hiding behind the masks they somehow brought back from the shadows. They also brought back old addictions which are being used to dull the pain of the transition. I know that many of those who have been overcome by dark forces have lost almost all real hope of freeing themselves from this negativity and the newfound psychological vices. They feel that nothing else can be done to save them. They believe that only a miracle or a force from the beyond can rescue them, yet they doubt that this force even exists.

Some people have only vague recollections of times when they were with me, of our special moments of deep connection, or especially of being in the field of prayer at the ashram in India. Everything seems to be like a far away dream.

If this description does not apply to you, great! Jay Guru! Praise to God in the highest! I’m counting on you to continue with your resolute purpose, and to help me rescue your brothers and sisters.

I feel that one solid and very useful tool for this moment is to avoid passing on the ‘bad news’ about others. I suggest that you stay away from all gossip. Gossip disturbs the soul. It is unnecessary conversation, and is generally used to ease the anxiety of being alone. Do your best to avoid talking about people in their absence. I suggest that if you find yourself in a group and the group begins to talk about someone, withdraw from the group momentarily, and let this gesture be a gentle reminder to everyone.

As Maharajji has requested several times already, dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice. Do so, even at times when you feel yourself devoid of any real faith. Just stop, sit down and recite a mantra in your mind. Remember the sun, the moon and the stars, the forest, the wind and the ocean. Think of one of the forms of the Divine, and allow it to bring you some comfort. Bring back to memory previous experiences of samadhi. And whenever possible, just sing and dance. Let the light of celebration rescue you from the dark valley of confusion. If it is still difficult for you to sing and dance, then go paint or draw something, expressing your feelings on a piece of paper with the greatest amount of wholeness possible.

Little by little, you will begin to remember where it was that you fell, or who within you knocked you down. When you identify a destructive pattern, don’t feed it with your attention. Just recognize that it is there and don’t let yourself fall under its spell; otherwise, it will take control over you once again. Engaging in detached observation is our best weapon. It is quite possible that our main enemy is actually the fear of bliss: we fear having things in our lives fall into place, arranged in the way God wants them to be. If we have this fear, it is a sign that we are still attached to an unidentified pact of vengeance: dishonesty still exists and is acting within us. If this is the case, identify where you feel you cannot be yourself and where you still need to use a mask or act as a channel for destruction.

These dark times will pass, and will do so at the same rate that we integrate the shadow and abandon the compulsive thinker once and for all, thereby placing ourselves fully in the present moment.

The stage for this entire battle is the mind. If you quiet your mind, the battle disappears. When the mind identifies with psychological time, the tormenting starts up again, as our old conditioning also comes back. Insanity returns to plague us. Despite the fact that quieting the mind is extremely challenging, many of you are already prepared to remain immune to this negativity that activates the thinker.

Redouble your resolve to serve God, rather than the whims of the ego or the wounded selfish inner child. Remember to renounce the fruits of your actions. Work for God instead of wanting to feed your personal vanity. Let sincere humility blossom in your heart. Give up all forms of boasting and ostentation, meant to acquire medals for actions that were actually offered to the Lord. May these forms of renunciation be your spiritual practice.

Your weapon in this ‘battle’ is the Love that flows from your noble heart. Presence is your shield. Acquiring this knowledge can actually end the battle taking place in our minds.

With love,
Prem Baba

Sri Prem Baba will visit Norway next year. He will also be found at Rishikesh in April and December each year!

Translated by Ljilja Mojovic

Source: Hema Devi