Never interfere with the child. Let nature take its own course. You are there to facilitate whatsoever nature is unfolding. You are not to direct nature. You are just to be there as a help. ~ OshO ♥



‎To be a parent is a great art. To give birth to children is nothing – any animal can do it; it is a natural, biological, instinctive process……


“To give birth to a child is nothing great, it is nothing special; it is very ordinary. But to be a parent is something extraordinary; very few people are really capable of being parents.
The children need privacy, they need freedom – they need the freedom to be. But every parent is trying to make the child into something other than he is. They are telling the child to become a Jesus Christ or to become a Gautam Buddha or to become a Mahavira or a Zarathustra. And this is such an ignoble project because nobody can become a Buddha again, nobody can become a Jesus again. Existence is so creative it never repeats itself.” – OSHO


Osho On Parenting:

“You have to be grateful to existence that it has chosen you to be a passage for a few beautiful children. But you are not to interfere in their growth, in their potential. You are not to impose yourself upon them. They are not going to live in the same times, they are not going to face the same problems. They will be part of another world. Don´t prepare them for this world, this society, this time, because then you will be creating troubles for them. They will find themselves unfit, unqualified” ~ Osho

My beautiful nephew  and me 2 years ago.

I’m most thankful to be a part of his life experience.