Our mind only think there is, but in reality there is not……

There is no birth, there is no death;
there is no coming, there is no going;
there is no same, there is no different;
there is no permanent self, there is no annihilation.
We only think there is.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

The Spirit, Time, Space, Nothing and Everything


The Spirit of Man comes from Beyond Time and Space
and is Eternal, unmoved and unimpressed.
That which once Was, Is and Will Always Be,
Beyond Time and Space, Beyond the Everything that is in motion,
Everything is Nowhere – and is Nothing
Nothing is Everything
Existence is eternal and eternity is existential.
Beyond the beginning there is Nothing.
Nothing is Total, Complete and Perfect.
A Circle is Total, Complete and Perfect. The Perfect is Divine.
Nothing collapses, releasing the first Whim.
The Hole is the Whole is the Holy.
Nothing collapses and is recognised through its opposite, and
As Perfect mass will collapse, so Perfect emptiness will create.
(c) Andrew J. Bevan 2004