“Those that have gone before, known and unknown have left a legacy from which you have sprung, give them thanks, the good, the bad, the foolish and the wise. Those that have gone before leave traces of their lives, give thanks and honor for what they did and didn’t do and how this has contributed to you becoming you”. ~ Christopher Hansard


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We can only attract into our life, people who are vibrating at a similar light energy frequency…so if you are running at 60 light watts and you met someone the same, then there will an instant connection.

However, that additional 40% will be negative energy, and for one it maybe that they have spent a life being a victim, so that will be their weakness, the other may be a bully, so although in the beginning they may seem to match, overtime after the honeymoon is over that 40% comes to the table.

The real comfort zone of one could be a victim, and there always has to be a bully around to keep them in that zone….the only way to change this is to change your own frequency, and by doing so the partnership may not survive,
unless both parties own their own behavior and fears.

BUT if you then become the best version of you that you can as a Light energy, WITHOUT any fear, then you will met another the same……

Love and Light
Written by All1son for Walking My Talk

‎”Tantra accepts everything. Whatsoever is, is accepted wholeheartedly. That is why Tantra could accept sex totally. For five thousand years Tantra has been the only tradition which has accepted sex totally, the only one all over the world. Why? Because sex is the point where you are, and any movement is going to be from the point where you are. ~ Osho




Source: Facebook Tantric Spirituality

“Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soul mates. And that is the grandeur of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates.” ~ OSHO ♥



When the inner woman and man have met and melted, and you are no more divided inside, you have become one — integrated, crystallized, one — you have attained… This is enlightenment… ~ Osho


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Love appears in a relationship but begins in deep solitude. When you are absolutely happy in your alone-ness, when you don’t need the other at all, when the other is not a need, then you are capable of love. If the other is your need you can only exploit, manipulate, dominant, but you cannot love. If you become peaceful your relationship with people will change, because you are a different person. ~ Osho