“Those that have gone before, known and unknown have left a legacy from which you have sprung, give them thanks, the good, the bad, the foolish and the wise. Those that have gone before leave traces of their lives, give thanks and honor for what they did and didn’t do and how this has contributed to you becoming you”. ~ Christopher Hansard


Photo of Gurly Christine Himani Hafsmoe at Lake Powel, USA

Nobody can convey the Truth in mere words. We cannot show a picture of it. Even the greatest minds cannot analyze it and present It in any form. ~ Sri Mooji


Nobody can convey the Truth in mere words. We cannot show a picture of it. Even the greatest minds cannot analyze it and present It in any form. It has to be an inner discovering, and those who have discovered the simplicity, the beauty of their own Self have often found it impossible to speak about it. Others laugh; laughing, laughing, laughing. Others crying, crying, crying. Others laughing and crying. And some simply quiet. They cannot speak. But, whichever way it is experienced within, it is totally natural. I take it you have come here for such a discovery.
If there were not Beings like yourself, I would not want to be here. I would not want to be here in life, if there were not Beings who were in search of Truth. I love you.Thank you for that.

-Sri Mooji-


What is Mind and Mind Conditioning by Osho.


“Shh!! Don’t talk so much about yourself. It doesn’t even exist, but your talking makes it appear so. Keep quiet inside your mind and being, and pray that your ego disappears this day”. ~ Sri Mooji



Many confuse selfishness with love.


“Many confuse selfishness with love. It’s one thing to be with someone because it is good to be together, because there is a synergistic affinity, and a positive energy grows for both in this union. It’s another thing to be with someone because you believe you will find happiness through this person, because you think you will get something from him or her in return. In this case, you don’t want someone to love. You want someone to attend to your needs and expectations. This is what is known as selfishness.”

Sri Prem Baba ~ 9/09/16 (photo by Yolanda Pelayo from Awaken Love Maui 2016)

Source: Om Aloha on Facebook  …flower of the day…



Pictures from my last visit to the famous Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India earlier this year.


When we stop seeking happiness, happiness comes by itself. It is a common mistake to believe we have to work hard for happiness, or that happiness is conditioned by what we have, and who we are in society. Happiness is the experience of mind when there is no presence of fear. That’s all. It’s simple. As with everything in the truly spiritual life, that which is valuable comes only when we have relinquished that which is invaluable – when we have let go. So don’t seek happiness, let go of your fears and obsessions, let go of your doubts and worries, and look, there it is! May all beings be happy. ~ Michael Kewley


Picture of GC Himani by TC Gundersen.

Location of the photo shoot: Radisson Blu, Phuket, Thailand.