It is said that we must become like little children if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What this means is, children fight then forgive easily and quickly. Minutes later, all is forgotten. We hold on for years. Sometimes forever. ~ The Daily Guru


Forgiveness simply means you accept the person as he is, you still love him the way he is. Forgiveness means that you don’t judge him, that you are non-judgmental. But ordinarily we think forgiveness means you know that he has done wrong, still you forgive him. First you judge and then you forgive. Your forgiveness is false. Real forgiveness has no judgment. It never says, “No, you have done wrong, but still I forgive you.” It simply accepts the person as he is. There is no grudge, no complaint, no grumbling. There is no question really of forgiving because there is no anger in the first place. ~ Osho