“If you ask people about their richest experiences in life, they’ll usually come up with something they did as part of team. Sometimes it’s literally that, a sports team they’ll remember forever. Sometimes it’s a business team that did something memorable. Sometimes the team is your family or spouse. Being on a team makes you stretch, it makes you grow. Other people can nurture and challenge you in ways you can’t for yourself. People will do things for other they won’t do for themselves. And they’ll get things from others that make it worthwhile.” ~ Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power, page 408


“Make one or two decisions that you’ve been putting off: one easy decision and one that’s a bit more difficult. Show yourself that you can do it. Right now, STOP. Make at least one clear-cut decision that you’ve been putting off – take the first action toward fulfilling it – and stick to it! By doing this you’ll be building that muscle that will give you the will to change your entire life.” ~ Awaken the Giant Within, p. 51 by Anthony Robbins