A child is like a tree.



A child is like a tree. 
Parents can help them grow 
by preparing the soil 
and nurturing them with love.
The trees go on growing 
without anybody teaching them
how to grow.
The animals, the birds,
the whole existence,
needs no programming.
According to me,
the function of the parents
is not how to help the children grow —
they will grow without you.
Your function is to support, to nourish,
to help what is already growing.
Don’t give directions and don’t give ideals.
Don’t tell them what is right
and what is wrong:
let them find it by their own experience.
Only one thing you can do,
and that is share your own life.
Tell them that you have been conditioned
by your parents,
that you have lived within certain limits,
according to certain ideals,
and because of these limits and ideals
you have missed life completely,
and you don’t want to destroy
your children’s life.
You want them to be totally free —
free of you, because to them
you represent the whole past.
It needs guts and it needs immense love
in a father, in a mother,
to tell the children,
“You need to be free of us. Don’t obey us —
depend on your own intelligence.

~ Osho

OSHO Zen. Rajneesh: A child is perfect.

Children are already enlightened beings.

A child is already a sannyasin
a child is already enlightened
you are born enlightened
and somewhere along the way you become grown up
this growing up is the problem

A child is perfect
already the mala is around the child
wearing pure innocence around the heart
open eyes
they are already enlightened beings
their innocence their laughter
their joy their celebration, a child doesn’t need sannyas

A child is already a sannyasin
but I can give him a beautiful mala
you have to go back to your childhood in meditation
the grown up in you
has to forget it is grown up

Drop this stupid ego that I know
become innocent like a child again
and you will be free to laugh and smile and giggle
and there is nothing more in life but to giggle laugh

and smile and bubble with energy and to cry a bit

A child is already a sannyasin
become a child again
its the greatest luxury
to be a child
innocent smiling and dancing
no burdens of life and future and responsibilities
taking care of this person taking care of this person
listening to others

Just eat sleep and go to sleep and laugh whole day
this is your real nature
to live life intensely and totally
to enjoy the very beauty of life
you are not here to do anything special for the world
or for anybody
you are just here to live your life
and the child is doing nothing but living their life when you learn to live your life totally
without any reason then you have such an abundance of energy
so pure and uncontaminated
so one and undivided
that then you will share your love to everybody…

~ Swami Rajneesh in Mexico

Riviera Maya