What is Mind and Mind Conditioning by Osho.


“Shh!! Don’t talk so much about yourself. It doesn’t even exist, but your talking makes it appear so. Keep quiet inside your mind and being, and pray that your ego disappears this day”. ~ Sri Mooji



Many confuse selfishness with love.


“Many confuse selfishness with love. It’s one thing to be with someone because it is good to be together, because there is a synergistic affinity, and a positive energy grows for both in this union. It’s another thing to be with someone because you believe you will find happiness through this person, because you think you will get something from him or her in return. In this case, you don’t want someone to love. You want someone to attend to your needs and expectations. This is what is known as selfishness.”

Sri Prem Baba ~ 9/09/16 (photo by Yolanda Pelayo from Awaken Love Maui 2016)

Source: Om Aloha on Facebook  …flower of the day…



Pictures from my last visit to the famous Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India earlier this year.


“Best is just be nothing. See if the mind can speak to you when you are nothing. Invite this”. ~ Sri Mooji

Who am I? Who is in? Everything I says “I am”, all the opposite I am not. We are much more then we think, and yet at the same time we are “Nothing”. Don’t follow the games of the mind, better to be the watcher of it’s play. ~ Gurly Chr. H. Hafsmoe


“Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you” ~ Ekhart Tolle


I mirror you and you mirror me, we are each others reflections through life ~ Gurly Chr. H. Hafsmoe


“I can watch my mind play or I can choose to identify with my mind, It’s a choice.” ~ Gurly Christine H. Hafsmoe


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