7 thoughts on “If you concentrate on what you don’t have ~ you will never, ever have enough ~ Oprah Winfrey

  1. Oprah Winfrey, what can I say? I have met & seen a lot of BIMBOS in my life… but you know what… Oprah, you are by far, the Ultimate Bimbo. To think you can even shine Tony Robbins’ & Deepak Chopra’s shoes? All I can say is that you have disgraced the Self Help industry. And you are hurting a lot more people than you are helping – so put that dillusional ego in check. I credit you with bringing it out – but you are not Selp Help sister… you don’t have a method. When you interview people like this, be an interviewer. That’s what you can be very good at (when you don’t start marketing yourself in the middle of an inverview). Again Oprah, you define what a BIMBO is. You have disgraced the masters with your unprofessionalism. You do not lead by example… and you are a joke, embarrasing yourself to the point where I can’t watch. Please stop, please – stop embarrasing yourself.

    • You have a right to have your own opinion about people and life but have you ever thought of that everyone in this world are on their own journey through life, to make their own experiences in life, made of their own choices based on earlier experiences. Your model og the world are different then hers that’s all, not better, not worse….. Peace & Love

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