Vipassana Meditation ~ Osho

Find a comfortable place to sit for 45 to 60 minutes. It helps to sit at
the same time and in the same place every day, and it doesn’t have to
be a silent place. Experiment until you find the situation you feel best
in. You can sit once or twice a day, but don’t sit for at least an hour
after eating or before sleeping.

It’s important to sit with your back and head straight. Your eyes
should be closed and the body as still as possible. A meditation bench
can help, or a straight-backed chair or any arrangement of cushions.
There is no special breathing technique; ordinary, natural breathing
is fine. Vipassana is based on the awareness of the breath, so the rise
and fall of each breath should be watched, wherever the sensation is
felt most clearly – at the nose or in the area of the stomach or solar

Vipassana is not concentration and it is not an objective to remain
watching the breathing for a whole hour. When thoughts, feelings or
sensations arise, or when you become aware of sound, smells and
breezes from outside, simply allow the attention to go to them.
Whatever comes up can be watched as clouds passing in the sky –
you neither cling nor reject. Whenever there is a choice of what to
watch, return to awareness of breathing.

Remember, nothing special is meant to happen. There is neither
success nor failure – nor is there any improvement. There is nothing
to figure out or analyse, but insights may come about anything.
Questions and problems may just be seen as mysteries to be enjoyed.


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