” Forget about all the stratergies of your mind, to gain knowledge and understanding…Just forget about it!!!..yes forget about it!!!…Why can’t we ever forget about it?…You ask…” What to do to be one with Truth?..” I tell you the best thing to do…take a short cut…forget about it!!!…cut the power to the mind…lights out!!!…this is the only stratergy, if any needs to be taken, to reveal to you instantly that the eternal and timeless freedom is already present as you…the advice forget about it…seems totally irresponsible, even naive, over simplistic…but it works every time…forget about it!!!…Sometimes what we share in Satsang gets the mind navigating to get a grip on the subject…I say Throw it out!!! Forget about it!!!…and still, your here, totally here, empty, without stratergies…be stratergy-less and empty of intentions…like this all things happen beautifully…” ~ Mooji ♥

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