15 thoughts on ““Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” ~ Buddha

  1. Hello,

    I am curious to know where you found that Buddha quote. Perhaps you can refer me to a reference or a Monk who had shared this with you. I am concerned, because in Zen Bhuddhism we are taught the following words, “seeking or attaining enlightenment is the defeat of meditation practice. If such thoughts occur, wake up from ignorance, frightened as if swallowing poison.” Also another quote. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” So it seems like someone else combined these two quotes, but perhaps I am not correct. Thank you kindly 🙂


    A student of Zen Bhuddism

    • Thank you for your comment Michael, you might be right about what you are writing, I don’t know?
      I found this quote on internet, I think it was on Facebook, I can not guarantee it’s source or origin.
      Love, GC Himani

    • I would just like to say the Holding on to anger… is not a Bhudda quote. It is often attributed to him but the fact is the author of this particular gem, is not Bhudda. (It is however listed on the website fake Bhudda quotes.

  2. So many people just cut and paste without thinking about the veracity of what they’re putting on their walls/tweets etc. Also without thinking that these comments/so-called quotes and so might cause distress to other people.

    The best we can ever hope for it to be kind.

    • Dear Serena, thank you for your comment. This blog is my collection of quotes made by great people through out times. I made this blog to pass this wisdom forward to my beloved kids. I hope you will enjoy it too. Peace & Love GC Himani

      • I Dont Know how Old this post is, But I came across this page and i seen the quote, This quote as it states somewhere above came from The original text Of Buddha, No he dont write it lol, But with that being said, you can study Buddhism and not actually have to believe It or what have you. They have all kinda different readings, and If you ever Heard of a “Daily Reflections” It is a Meditation book used In alcoholic anonymous, In which people In recovery Read A page In the start of there day, with there Meditation. Well This quote came from a similar book, It is a Meditation book that incorparates The Buddha And that Is where I seen this quote Originally, Then A few months Later It was Popping Up online, But I think a key element was left out in this quote, when i read it this is what it said, ” Page 54 A thoought for today, a Thought for tomorrow
        Understanding your emotions and when to let them go

        Love is the answer to everything bad, hatred Is tha Destruction to everything good, Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die Instead we should try Letting go of our anger, It doesn’t mean that they’ve won or they’ve gotten away with hurting you it means that you’ve decided to be strong and move on and turn all things you cant control over to your
        creator and to know that It is not you it is them, Pray for them,

  3. I have seen and repeated the quote many times (and yes, have seen it on FaceBook). The exact quote and author may not be as important as the intent of what it means – that anger does the most damage to the one who holds it. I think the version you quote seems to “flow” best, which is why it is most often quoted.

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  6. How fascinating that so many people miss the point – It seems that this cannot be attributed to Buddha – But I, as a person who often gets angry, found it insightful and inspiring. I posted it on Facebook and my friends found it inspiring too. Isn’t THAT the point.

  7. Not that it is important, as only the words, their meaning and their reach are truly relevant, but I came accross the saying in a movie which attributed the quote to Saint Augustine. But since the Lord Buddha was around first…well who knows the true origin.

    I then did a search online and this blog came top of the pile for results. How cool was that!? Because I love this blog big time!

    Let’s face it, who ever said it, they were totally spot on and we all love it. Just like we love you Himani for creating this gorgeous place for us to come together and share.

    Peace and love to you all.

  8. Does who wrote this quote really matter? As long as it’s meaningful and telling us good things, that will be enough. Is the quote more important, or the writer?

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