The Body is the door, the body is the stepping stone… ~ Osho

….The body is the door, the body is the stepping-stone. And any education that does not touch the subject of your body and consciousness is absolutely not only incomplete, it is utterly harmful, because it will go on being destructive. It is only the flowering of consciousness within you that prevents you from destruction, and that gives you a tremendous urge to create — to create more beauty in the world, to create more comfort in the world.
That is why I include art as the second part of the academy. Art is a conscious effort to create beauty, to discover beauty, to make your life more joyful; to teach you to dance, to celebrate.

And the third part is a creative science.

Art can create beauty, science can discover objective truth, and consciousness can discover subjective reality.

These three together can make any system of education complete. All else is secondary — maybe useful for mundane purposes but is not useful for spiritual growth, is not useful to bring you to the sources of joy, love, peace, silence. And a man who has not experienced the inner ecstasy has lived in vain, unnecessarily. He vegetated, he dragged himself from the womb to the grave, but he could not dance and he could not sing and he could not contribute anything to the world.

According to me, a religious person is one who contributes to the world some beauty, some joy, some happiness, some celebration which was not there — something new, something fresh, some more flowers. But religion has never been defined the way I’m defining it. And all the ways religion has been defined have proved absolutely ugly and wrong. They have not helped humanity to rise to the heights of joy and beauty and love; they have drowned the whole humanity in misery and suffering. They have not taught you freedom; on the contrary, they have enforced on you all kinds of slavery in the name of obedience. Obedience to whom? Obedience to the priests, obedience to those who have money, obedience to those who have power: in short, obedience to all the vested interests.

The Greatest Challenge:The Golden Future

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