I AM NOT HERE TO FULFILL ANY OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS. That is the very trouble you have to tolerate with me. You would like me to be dead and sitting on a golden throne, and then you can worship me easily. But I am alive.

And I go on doing things that I like. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. If you are disturbed it is your problem; it is none of my business. Then you have to look into yourself and find ways not to be disturbed.

These things come again and again in your mind, and you don’t see that they are YOUR problems….

And my godhood is not in danger, because I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME. That’s not the point at all. It is not that you have made me a god. This is my declaration; it is not your recognition. If nobody believes in me, then too I am a god. If only I believe in me, that’s enough. I don’t need a single witness. This is MY understanding.

Then again, the moment you think that this man is Bhagwan, then he should behave in such a way and in such a way. Then he should be on a high pedestal. He should not behave like a human being.

THEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY CONCEPT OF BHAGWAN. My concept of Bhagwan is not that a Bhagwan is a special being, that a Bhagwan is a perfect being, that a Bhagwan is not of this world. My concept of Bhagwan is that God is a normal quality of existence. JUST BY BEING, YOU ARE GOD.

You are not a painter by just being. For painting, you will have to learn some skill, you will have to go to an art school. And then too your being a painter will depend on so many recognitions — people will recognize, may not recognize; the critics will appreciate, may not appreciate; a thousand and one things. If you want to be a musician, just by being, you are not a musician. You will have to learn; this is something which has to be learned.

When I say God, I mean you ARE God, just by being. It is not a specialization.

Then what is the difference between me and you? The only difference is that I RECOGNIZE MY GODHOOD and you don’t recognize yours. Otherwise there is no distinction. I am as imperfect as you are! Then what is the difference between me and you? The difference is that I ENJOY MY IMPERFECTION and you don’t enjoy yours, that I am perfectly happy with all my imperfections and you are not happy with yours. You have a notion of perfection and I have none. I am perfect in my imperfections. I have accepted them totally, in toto. I am not trying to improve myself; I am simply the way I am. And I am happy the way I am.

The day you are also happy the way you are, the day you are also happy with all your imperfections, you are God. You are still God, whether you recognize it or you don’t recognize it — but you have your ideas about God, and then you project those ideas. And if, sometimes, they are shattered — and they will be shattered again and again, because I cannot keep to your expectations…

I am a free man. I live the way I live. And see the whole point: I am not expecting anything from you; still you go on expecting things from me. My whole effort here is to help you to be yourself, and YOUR WHOLE EFFORT HERE IS TO MAKE ME SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT ME TO BE. Drop all this nonsense….

But I AM GOING TO DESTROY ALL YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF ME — because if you cannot drop expectations about me, how can you drop expectations about yourself? It will be impossible.

And my whole work consists in a simple thing: TO LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS, without hope; to live a life moment-to-moment, with no ideals.


The First Principle,

Ch #8: The profound and the trivial am in Buddha Hall

Source: Facebook ~  OSHO Afroz Meditation Center

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