– Prem Azima, you neither know what love is, nor do you know what
meditation is. Still, you are disturbed by the question. To you, love
and meditation seem to be opposite polarities — I wonder where you
got that idea? If love and meditation are opposite polarities, then
nothing in this world can be close to any other thing. But I know all
the old religions have also been under the same fallacy.

The meditators have been escaping to the mountains to avoid love, and
the lovers never bothered about meditation because they knew that if
they meditated their love life would be finished. It has been one
of the longest fallacies humanity has lived with. Love is a silence, a
joy, a peace, a blissfulness between two persons. But because there are
two persons, sometimes they don’t match.

Meditation is the same experience of silence and peace and bliss —
but alone. But if two meditators are in love, then things come to
the highest peak. If one meditator can reach to a certain peak in
his blissfulness, in his silence, two meditators who love each other
can become an immense support to each other’s flight into the unknown.

Their love can become a nourishment to their meditation, and
vice-versa, their meditation can become a nourishment to their love.

This is the point where I differ from all the religions of the past.
They have made love and meditation polarities, parallel lines which
meet nowhere.

To me a man of meditation is bound to be immensely loving. All his
anger is gone, all his hate is gone, all his possessiveness is gone.If
he cannot love then who else can love? And a man of love can go
deepest in meditation because love is our highest quality, our
purest self, our perfect song. If two singing hearts cannot meet in deep
meditation then no other meeting is possible.

In fact, the people who have escaped to the mountains to
meditate,think only of women in their meditation. They hallucinate.
Their hallucinations can become so real that they start talking to
those women. And in the whole world, people without meditation are
loving each other, but their love does not bring a paradise to their
life; on the contrary, it creates hell. They are known as intimate
enemies –enemies who have decided to live together.

My own understanding is that unless love and meditation are almost two
sides of the same coin, we can not create the new man, the new
humanity, the new world.

Last night I told you the story of Jesus on the cross telling
Peter,”Peter, from my height I can see, far away, my house.” From my
height of consciousness I can also see the faraway house where love
and meditation will dwell together. We have to create that house.

Azima, don’t say love and meditation are opposite polarities. That is
a lie propagated by the priests down the ages. It has destroyed
loversin to miserable lives and meditators into juiceless deserts. I
want your life to be a garden full of flowers — full of fruits, full
of juice.

There is no question of how to create a loving, meditative
relationship. Here, the people who have gathered around me are already
living — at least making an effort for the first time in the whole
history of man — to bring love and meditation as two sides of the
same experience. Why should love disturb your meditation?

In fact, love should give you the right atmosphere, the right soil to
meditate. And meditation should give you the right fragrance for love
to become a treasure, a glory, a benediction.

The Golden Future
Chapter #31


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