“There are two types of movement, and that is the meaning of Jesus’ Cross:”

– It shows two types of movement, a crossroads. One movement is linear: you move in a line, from one thing to another, from one thought to another. From one dream to another dream – from A you move to B, from B you move to C, from C you move to D. This way you move in a line, horizontal. This is the movement of time; this is the movement of one who is fast asleep. You can go like a shuttle, back and forth – the line is there. You can come from B to A, or you can go from A to B – the line is there.

There is another movement, which is in a totally different dimension. That movement is not horizontal, it is vertical. You don’t go from A to B, from B to C; you go from A1 to A2, A3, A4, in depth – or in height.

When thinking stops, the new movement starts. Now you fall into depth, in an abysslike phenomenon. People who are meditating deeply, they come to that point sooner or later; they become afraid because they feel as if an abyss has opened – bottomless, you feel dizzy, you become afraid. You would like to cling to the old movement because it was known; this feels like death.

This is the meaning of Jesus’ cross: it is death. Going from the horizontal to the vertical is death – that is the real death. But it is death only from one side; on the other side it is resurrection. It is dying in order to be born; it is dying from one dimension to be born in another dimension. Horizontal you are Jesus. Vertical you become Christ.

Remember these words: On the horizontal line you move because of motivation. You have to achieve something – money, prestige, power or God, but you have to achieve something. A motivation is there. A motivated movement means sleep. An unmotivated movement means awareness – you move because to move is sheer joy, you move because movement is life, you move because life is energy and energy is movement. You move because energy is delight – not for anything else. There is no goal to it, you are not after some achievement.

Time is the world and eternity is God; horizontal is the world, vertical is God. Both meet at a point – that is where Jesus where crucified. Both meet, the horizontal and vertical, at a point – that point is here and now. From here and now you can go on two journeys; one journey in the world, in the future; the other journey into God, into depth. Become more and more aware, become more and more alert and sensitive to the present.

From the book Awareness. The key to Living in Balance by Osho

Jewel Design, photo design and photo: GC Himani

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