The Art of Being Alone

The Awakened Life’s blog; “The Art of Being Alone” is so true, and I’ve had the exact same experience. I finally found peace with myself after 7 years alone on search. I thought I would find happiness outside of me, I went to different places, dated different men, bought a lot of unnecessary stuff and so on….all this time I was searching for happiness in things, places or in people all across the world from Europe to America. About 4 years ago I finally found happiness and I dicovered that it was with me all this time I was searching around, it was in my heart… Now I’m paying it forward…. Unconditionally…and I’m happy and alone, but not lonely. I no longer need to search for happiness, I have it with me, I have it in me  ~ GC Himani

The Art of Being Alone What does it truly mean to be alone, and to be happy? How many of us can truly say that we have perfected that art? So many people are constantly looking for fulfillment and happiness through external forces; whether it be trying to complete themselves with a love partner, or trying to validate themselves with a career. But we all know that … Read More


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