The full-moon night is the best for meditation

Sannyasins should use the time of night more and more for meditation.

You can go deeper, and easily, because the winds are blowing that way;
you can move with the winds with less effort. In the day you are
moving against the winds. In the day active meditations are good;
dynamic meditation is good in the day, dancing meditation is good in
the day. But in the night vipassana, silent meditations, just sitting
and doing nothing, just relaxing because the whole atmosphere is
relaxing…. The sun has gone down, the trees have fallen asleep; it
is a totally different quality of energy that surrounds you in the
night. It is easy to meditate.

Buddha says: THE MASTER SHINES IN MEDITATION in the night.

By “the master” he means one who is trying to be a master of himself;
by “warrior” he means one who is trying to be a master of others. But
once you have attained, once you have become enlightened, then there
is no question of day and night, no question of sun and moon.


The buddha, the awakened, the enlightened one shines both in the night
and in the day; there is no difference for him. Once you have become
awakened, then nothing makes any difference. But till that happens use
the night atmosphere more and more for meditation.

And when the moon is there in the night it is far easier to meditate.
The full-moon night is the best for meditation. Many people who have
become buddhas have attained their enlightenment on the full-moon
night, even Buddha himself. It may have been a coincidence, but it is
significant to remember: he was born on the full-moon night, he became
enlightened on the full-moon night and he died on the full-moon night.
Something in the full moon seemed to be synchronizing with his energy.
Use it. Be alert and use every possibility to help you go in. Once you
are awakened, then there is no problem. Then you can be at ease, at
rest, at peace, anywhere.

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 11
Chapter #7


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